To help expose Mike DeWine's REAL Record, I want to cover:

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Rated F by the NRA.

Endorsed by the Brady Campaign.

Pals with Feinstein and Schumer.

Consistent advocate AGAINST our gun rights.

But now that he wants to be our Governor, Mike DeWine outright REFUSES to say if he’ll sign Stand-Your-Ground into law, and REFUSES to say if he’ll fight against Bloomberg.

With a decades-long history of vicious attacks against gun owners and our Second Amendment, Mike DeWine may be positioning himself for his biggest attack ever as Governor of Ohio!

The good news is that with DeWine battling against 100% pro-gun Mary Taylor, you can expose his history of attacks against the Second Amendment to thousands of gun owners by sponsoring as many of these digital ads as you want for only $25 per ad!

Send a message to DeWine and his pals in Columbus that if they attack our gun rights, they will be held accountable!

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