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Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

In 2016, gun owners stunned Ohio by destroying Hillary Clinton and elected President Trump and a slew of pro-gun legislators at the Statehouse in Columbus, giving Ohio our largest pro-gun majority ever!

But in the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting everything has changed, as turncoat Governor Kasich and Bloomberg-backed groups pound the legislature to pass gun control.

Thousands showed up at gun control rallies in Columbus in March, demanding that lawmakers ban the AR-15, ban mags over 10 rounds, pass Kasich's Red Flags gun confiscation and pass Bloomberg’s universal gun registry!

Worse, many of our weak-kneed ‘friends’ in the legislature aided and abetted these gun-grabs, blocking pro-gun bills and working overtime to pass Kasich's gun-control.

That's why gun owners like you and me need to stand up and hold the line here in Ohio.

If we don’t, gun-control might be a sure bet in the coming "lame-duck" session of our legislature in November!

That’s why we are going to ATTACK anti-gun incumbents this fall - to remind lawmakers what happens when you betray gun owners!

We intend to hit them with targeted mail, mass email, social media, and boots on the ground operations!

But we need your help to fund and implement this program.

Now is the time!

Thank you, in advance, for standing with us!

For Freedom, 

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

Help Ohio Gun Owners ATTACK and EXPOSE Gun-Grabbers in the Midterms!

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