Under current law in Ohio, prosecutors can charge and/or prosecute gun owners without first proving to a judge they have sufficient evidence to prosecute, forcing some innocent gun owners to sit in jail and be victimized twice; and 
Whereas:Under current law in Ohio, gun owners can be sued and by criminals or their families simply for defending themselves and their loved ones against a criminal attack; and
Whereas:Under current law in Ohio, there is no legal right to draw a firearm to deescalate a violent situation without opening oneself up to an "assault with a deadly weapon" charge; and
Whereas:A Stand-Your-Ground law would remove the "duty to retreat" from an attacker and simply backstop law-abiding gun owners' human right to defend themselves and their loved ones against violent, criminal attack without fear of legal backlash;
Therefore:On behalf of law-abiding gun owners all across the state of Ohio, I urge you to cosponsor and seek record, roll call votes on the Ohio Stand-Your-Ground Bill, with NO weakening amendments.


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