Dear Friend of the Second Amendment, 

Thank you for your petition to STOP Representative Henne and Governor Kasich’s gun-control omnibus bill!

Henne, Kasich, Bloomberg and their gun-grabber pals at the Statehouse are working overtime to cram this gun-control bill into law - BEFORE the next General Assembly is seated!

Ohio Gun Owners is mobilizing the ARMY of gun owners across the state to BLOCK this in committee, but we can't do it alone!

The radio, social media, door-to-door and mail programs we've prepared to crush this gun-control are ready to go.

Please help us execute this program STOP, BLOCK and KILL this Henne/Kasich/Bloomberg gun-control OMNIBUS bill by contributing $250, $100, $50, 25 or whatever you can afford today!

Please send help if you can.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr

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